• Add PGP encrypted email to your blackberry 3 month kit or extend your service

    • 3 Months Pre-Paid, Free Shipping, SIM Card Included
    • PGP KIT includes:
    •  3 month SIM card free shipping 
    • You can use same email if you are a repeat client or change email at no charge.
    • 24 hour / 7day /365 days unlimited support

      • 256-bit encryption
      • Authentication method using the “socialist millionaire” protocol, allowing two parties to verify each other without public keys.
      • Peer-to-Peer Messaging, meaning no data is stored on our (or any) servers.
      • For Your Eyes Only mode deletes any message sent after ten seconds, giving the recipient only the time needed to read the message.
      • Deniable Authentication means no digital signatures on any message. If a message is somehow intercepted, it CANNOT be attributed to you.
      • Perfect Forward Secrecy – even if your keys are compromised, 
        past conversations are not vulnerable


      Benefits of Our Encrypted Cell Phone Services

      Secure Blackberry provides you the top-of-the-line in privacy protection technology. Your voice, data, chat, emails, and more are protected by the best encryption available, ensuring only the trusted recipient has access. The world is always watching, always listening. Protect your data, and yourself.
      • Free Re-Activations
      • Use your own BlackBerry device (BYOD)
      • Network with unsurpassed reliability
      • Custom levels of security
      • Fast, free setup and reactivation of lost, stolen, or wiped devices
      • Ultimate Security with military grade PGP and OTR Encryption
      • Fully anonymous, non-branded service
      • Create your own encryption keys (PGP)
      • Unlimited worldwide E-mail and chat
      • Unlimited Support from our distributor
      • Service available from Singapore, Amsterdam, Netherlands or Montreal, Canada

                                                             Cellphones and smartphones have offered text and chat functionality for many years. It has become so prevalent that there is hardly a literate child in North America who has not sent a text at some point in their life. But is your average chat or SMS secure or private? Not at all. On a typical phone, not only can these be intercepted, but the messages themselves are stored on corporate servers, and can be requested to law enforcement or government entities without notice or consent. Secure Chat for BlackBerry is the solution. Using the OTR (Off-the-Record) Protocol, we ensure your messages are only seen by the authorized recipients. Not only that, but we don’t store your messages or content, making your conversation not only private, but irretrievable.